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Google Business Marked Permantely Closed Solution

About 24 to 72 hours after Google marks a listing “Moved,” you’ll see. The listing will completely vanish from Google Search and Google Maps, making it impossible for customers to accidentally see. Since the listing doesn’t show up anywhere, the “Permanently closed” message won’t show up anywhere, either. Google actually sets the Google Maps URL for the old location with a 302 HTTP status code, and when you load the Maps URL for the old location, it will forward to the new location. Reviews from the closed listing will transfer to the new listing (double-check to make sure that happens). The Map Maker listing for the old location doesn’t disappear but will be impossible to find without the direct URL that uses the CID number. It will remain with the “Permanently closed” status, since there is no such thing as a “Moved” status on Map Maker.
Google is working on a solution to allow users to submit this edit via Google Maps so that you don’t have to contact Google My Business support every time you want it done.

How to remove a website from Google

There are several options to prevent your web site from being indexed by Google. For best results it is highly recommended to use all of them. Otherwise your web site might still appear in search results. The first is using a robots.txt file. Basically what you need to do is create a file named robots.txt with the following content: User-agent: * Disallow: / Then place this file in the web root for your domain name. Such robots.txt file should prevent all web crawlers from indexing your web site. Note however, that in this case Google will still index your pages that are linked from other web sites. The second option is to set a "noindex" meta tag for your pages. If the meta tag you have for the page is "noindex", Google will completely drop the page from the search results. If the page/website is currently indexed, it should be removed the next time it is crawled by Google. The third option is to use Google Webmaster Tools. Here are step-by-step instructions how to use them: 1. You will need to create an account with Google Webmaster Tools. 2. Log in to your Google Webmaster Tools account. 3. If the account is new, you will have to add your web site. 1. Click the "Add a site" button. 2. Enter your web site URL and click "Continue" 4. Now you need to access the web site removal tool. 5. Once you have opened the web site removal tool, click on "New Removal Request". 6. On the 'Create a new request' page, select the options that match your removal request, fill in the required fields and then click the Submit Request button

Creating Your Google Business Page

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Will I Lose My Google Ranking If I switch?

Switching web hosts will not change your ranking. When we change your domain's DNS by pointing it from one server to our server, there is a proliferation period before the new changes take effect. We would not bring the old website down until you are 100% sure that search engine crawlers are already indexing your website on the new server. Therefore we would migrate your website along with all the content and data to the new server and change the primary domain name's DNS to point to the new server. Once the search engine crawlers are actively indexing the website on the new server, it is safe to bring the old one down.

What is an SSL Certificate and how does it work?

SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization's details. They encrypt sensitive information sent over the Internet ensuring its receipt to the correct destination server. Do I need one for my website?